• Glory Tang Group's spring team building

    has come to a successful conclusion

    Posted on April 18

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    Purpose and significance

    In order to let everyone enjoy the beauty of spring, relieve the fatigue of daily work, and increase unity and cohesion, Glory Tang Group organized an outing and team building activity on April 14. All employees of the company participated in projects including tug-of-war and relay races, and held an outdoor barbecue beer party, which brought everyone closer to nature and deepened their relationship with each other.

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    Honor award

    In the team building activity, after three rounds of competition in different projects, with the efforts of everyone and the wholehearted cooperation of the team, the CEO of the group finally held award ceremonies for the best individual and the best team respectively, pushing the atmosphere of the activity to a climax . The faces of the award-winning individuals and teams were filled with the joy of victory, and other colleagues also sent congratulatory applause to them. The atmosphere was very harmonious and harmonious, which demonstrated the spiritual strength of Glory Tang Group's unity.

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    Group photo of Glory Tang Group

    Through this outdoor activity, everyone can relax and feel the care and understanding of all employees from the top and bottom of the group. Let everyone pay more attention to their physical and mental health while constantly working hard, improve the team's sense of cooperation, understand and cooperate with each other, and be able to better invest in new work and life in the future, create greater value, and realize themselves ideal of life. Thank you for your dedication and contribution to the group, the group will be even more exciting with you!